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of paperless commissioning

Are you familiar with this situation? After plant construction is completed, the project manager and the people involved in commissioning return to the office, bringing a mountain of paperwork and – depending on the size of the plant – many piles of documentation for revision in your planning department. You start looking through the documentation – and soon the first queries crop up.

But who made the changes during commissioning? You can’t tell from the handwritten comment. You call the project manager – but he is already on his way to the next plant, and asks you to make a telephone appointment for next week.

Valuable time passes – literally valuable, because often the final payment from your customer is only due once the final documentation has been handed over.

In this scenario, using LiveDOK can help move things along.

Because with LiveDOK, the documentation of changes is created by redlining during commissioning.  

The people involved in commissioning record the current changes on mobile devices. These changes are displayed centrally on the project manager’s device.

The advantage: Feedback queries to the project manager and the people on-site can be dealt with during commissioning and can be delivered directly to the customer in the form of as-built documentation once commissioning has been completed.