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The LiveDOK Workflow

simple and efficient

With LiveDOK the various users all have the complete documentation to hand – up-to-the-minute and without media discontinuity. The system makes all sources available in PDF format via a uniform user interface: documentation managers, maintenance teams and planners all benefit from the structured administrative and updating workflow. Interaction and control when working with the documentation are greatly simplified. Your plant documentation overcomes boundaries.

Optimal work and data flow

With LiveDOK documentation managers, planners and maintenance teams work hand in hand on the basis of the same data. Maintenance personnel can be sure that redlining entries made in the plant and stored in LiveDOK are automatically reported to the responsible planning department, where the changes are checked, entered in the original plans and a new PDF is issued in LiveDOK. This reduces the effort required in terms of internal coordination and check-backs, and eliminates errors that can occur with manual entries on paper documents. And the principle of “four eyes are better that two”, applied to interaction between planners and maintenance staff, acts as an additional safeguard.

Complete, continuous documentation of all processes

What changes have been made, and who made them? LiveDOK delivers the answers. The software documents the processing history of each individual document, for clear chronological and order-specific classification. In addition, every PDF created in LiveDOK is linked with the original file imported into the system. Thus different change statuses can be comfortably called up, compared and taken over in the planning tool (CAD etc.) as required. No information is lost.

As-built documentation in real time

Thanks to LiveDOK, the as-built status of the plant is available to all relevant staff – whether it has already been updated in the planning department or only exists as redlining: LiveDOK makes everything available in real time. For planned plant alterations, modified documents can already be saved in advance, awaiting approval for implementation.