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Using documentation

trouble-free operational support

With LiveDOK, you always have the up-to-date plant documentation with you on mobile devices. And you can integrate changes directly on-site, without having to enter them later. All your changes and additions can be accessed by your colleagues straight away. Everyone has the same status. And if you are offline from time to time, LiveDOK deals with that, too.

Document search:   <br>Fast, simple, comfortable

Offline mode for unlimited use in the plant

Even in areas where there is no network LiveDOK ensures a full range of functions, from document search to redlining. Subsequent synchronization is implemented in LiveDOK, and potential conflicts are also dealt with.

With LiveDOK you are fully in action anywhere in your plant.

Comfortable document management based on PDFs

Extended documentation options – no problem

Pictures say more than words – and you would like to add a photo of the installation situation to a plan document? No problem with LiveDOK: just take photos with your mobile device and attach them to planning documents there and then, without media interruption.

One mobile device. One program. More options.

Optimal process support and documentation

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