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LiveDOK for power plants

For a trouble-free flow of information

Whether in public energy supply or in industry, power plants drive the pulse of our modern world. Reliable operation, and full effectiveness in dealing with plant overhauls and failures, are absolutely essential. The basis for these is provided by accurate plant documentation. With complex structures that have often evolved over years – or even decades – documentation frequently does not tally with the present situation. Documents exist in different data formats, possibly so obsolete that they cannot be opened any more, or in paper form somewhere among files that were long overdue for re-organization. In an urgent situation this presents additional obstacles.

LiveDOK by RÖSBERG creates order and provides optimal access, giving you plant documentation that solves your challenges – instead of being a challenge in itself.


Up-to-date, legally compliant documentation

For your machinery, processing equipment and electrical plant, technical stagnation is not an option. They are continually being optimized, re-equipped and extended, often in ways that deviate from what was originally planned.