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Digital Plant Documentation

A luxury today, standard tomorrow

Few expressions have enjoyed more hype in the last few years than “digitalization in the time of Industry 4.0”. In enterprises, all processes and systems are gradually being adapted to new standards.

However, something many people still underestimate today is the possibility with digital documentation of retrieving information from the field, from the real world, as an input and processing it in real time. This not only saves time but also supports your employees in upstream and downstream processes. And in a cost comparison with conventional document administration, digital documentation wins out every time.

For this reason, Rösberg has developed an intuitive software tool that is specially tailored to meet the requirements for operational support of plants.

LiveDOK is much more than documentation software, however. It offers the possibility of administering, searching and correcting all the documents and plans of industrial plants digitally and in real time.

New and adapted documents are viewable by everyone concerned, directly after import. This makes the management of document changes ancient history.

And ensures the benefit of lasting, continually updated as-built documentation.